BG apartment

I was looking for apartments for a family with a child. This was the start of the project. The search criteria were: the location of the apartment in the central areas of the city, a large terrace and the necessary areas for the customer. There was no good option, and then I decided to finish building a terrace with a glass roof and maximum glazing along the walls on the existing site, which looked like a winter garden. Indoors there is a large number of large plants, as well as a “green wall” with an automatic watering system. Above them is a light and openwork chandelier by Baxter.

The entrance to the apartment begins with two marble portals, as if carved from a single piece of stone. In the niche between them, under the Delightfull chandelier there is an abstract picture. In addition to the portals in the interior, many decisions were made with stone: these are marble floors with high plinth 60 cm high around the living room, around a terrace and a kitchen; this is a contrasting black-and-white guest bathroom with slabs laid out in a V-shape along the walls, and a bathroom in the master bedroom. On the walls of the bathroom is placed quartzite Patagonia.

The cold shine of the stone is reflected in the walnut panels, on the portals of the kitchen and living room, around the Rimadesio Cover library, and in the guest bathroom with black stone. Between the nut portals and pilasters are paintings by the artist Alexander Klimenko.

Another interesting room is the master bedroom, painted in bold rich dark purple tones with DeGournay wallpaper, which emphasize the luxury of the room. As well as a bed and chairs purchased in DomioGroup.






Kyiv, Ukraine

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